Team Working 

As we come out of remote working and move back to either a hybrid or physical work way of working, it’s a good time to reflect on what makes an effective team. Remote and virtual team working, does not create the same positive team environment. Team members and Managers need to re-establish good team characteristics.


You can use these categories in a team exercise. Get the team to  brainstorm around these categories. What does good look like and as a team identify how the team wants to operate.


Category                                  How do we create a team where?


Atmosphere                            A working atmosphere in which people are interested and                                                           involved. Reduce boredom. Establish an atmosphere that is                                                         informal, comfortable and relaxed.


Discussion                              Everyone participates but it is pertinent to the task.


Task                                         The work objectives are understood and accepted.


Listen                                       Members listen to each other. Every idea is given a hearing.


Disagreement                          The team is comfortable with this and does not avoid conflict.  There is no suppression and situations are resolved.


Consensus                              Generally decisions are reached by consensus, there is general agreement. There is very little formal voting.


Constructive Criticism           Frequent, frank and relatively comfortable. There is little evidence of attack.


Feelings                                   People feel free to express their feeling and their ideas. There are few hidden agendas.


Action                                      Clear assignments are made and accepted.


Domination                              The leader or a team member does not dominate. There is                                                          no power struggle.                             


Team Skills


It is also a good time to refresh team skills. Identifying who in the team fulfils each skill and to what extent. Establishing whether there are any gaps in the skill set.



Who is good at it?

Who is ok at it?

The team has a gap – how do we compensate?

Progress and monitoring of the team’s tasks and work





Conflict resolution both within the team and with others.





Communicator both within and outside the team





Decision maker  those that reach and make decisions





Fire-fighting good in a crisis






Goals  Focused on both short-term and long-term  objectives and their achievement





handles change well and is a facilitator for change




Organiser of themselves and others.





Technical expert and specialist who knows the tools, methods and techniques.




Analyser the Problem solver and solution identifier





Motivator and enthuse of themselves and others.





Business aware focused on the business needs.







As a group you should be aware of the skills possessed both by themselves and by the others within the team.  You can take this a step further by using a profiling tool which will analyse each team member and then the team as a whole. If you would like to run this type of workshop, then Advocate will be able to provide that for you.


The change in working allows the opportunity for teams to refocus, energise and build team performance.

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