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With all the complications in the country at the moment, I thought exploring integrity and what it is all about, would be an interesting topic.


If we look at definition of the word it means: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.


the state of being whole and undivided.


No matter what your views are, we can see that there has been an awful lack of integrity.


No matter what position you hold within an organisation, it is important that you have integrity, otherwise others loose faith in you. Integrity is what holds teams and organisations together.


Having Integrity


If you want to have integrity it means doing the right thing. Integrity is a trait that we admire in others, as it means a person has a moral compass that doesn't waver. If we look at the origins of the word it means whole, therefore if you have integrity there is a wholeness to your character.


Demonstrate integrity


Integrity is a key building block for forming a trusting relationship. You must be honest in your actions and your communications, showing that you are genuine in both. Be honest, both with yourself and with others, even when things don't work out as you may have planned. Freely admit when you are wrong or don't know something and reveal your vulnerabilities. This will go a long way to helping you become a trusted person.


Never under any circumstances should you lie, even if you feel you have already gained the trust of others. Lying is deceptive. This can only have a negative impact on relationships. Demonstrate your integrity by having the courage to act in accordance with your own beliefs and principles, and to let others see that you speak from your heart not just your head. As you become more senior, the importance of integrity increases, others will expect to see you 'live' your values, which guide and govern you.


Get the job done right


For others to trust and believe in you, it is imperative that you demonstrate you can achieve what you set out to achieve. You may talk a good talk, but until you actually do what you say, others will find it difficult to believe what you say. Be consistent in word and deed.  


Take responsibility for your own actions, admitting mistakes when necessary without being defensive, and apologise if necessary. When you can demonstrate that you have the ability to deliver what you promise, you will then begin to build a positive reputation.


Show that you trust others


By demonstrating that you trust others, they are more likely to respond to your faith in kind.


Be consistent


Be consistent in your communication, actions, attitudes and behaviour. This will enable others to anticipate how you will react and respond in a given situation. This provides them with the reassurance that you will not act in the following ways:


  • 'talking the talk' without following through on promises
  • betraying a confidence
  • using authority as a means of control
  • being inconsistent
  • taking others trust for granted
  • forgetting that you can lose integrity in an instance


Keeping Integrity


Ensure that you do the right thing and have a strong moral compass. Carry out what you promise and always practice what you preach. Always be truthful and honest. That way you will have wholeness of character.



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