Assertiveness and Communication Skills

The ability to handle and control dialogue with customers and colleagues is essential for building and developing relationships. An understanding of our relationships is important and why certain people bring out particular triggers.  Listening and understanding what the person is really saying is a fundamental skill for all staff to explore and learn. This course develops verbal and non-verbal communication skills and effective language techniques.


In addition, if we learn to be assertive we communicate more effectively and our relationships improve.  The course is designed so you can discover how to use assertiveness skills to enhance your interpersonal abilities and increase confidence.  Being assertive is sometimes confused with aggression; however on this one day training course you can learn different techniques which respect both your needs, and those of the person with whom you are communicating.


The Oxford English dictionary defines 'assert' as: 'maintain, declare one's claim to rights' and 'assert oneself' as: 'insists on one's rights'. Assertiveness training therefore, focuses on understanding, acknowledging and learning how to declare one's rights. This training course involves delegates in realising their own rights and the right of others in the workplace.


Practical activities allow delegates to practice expressing their views, opinions and ideas and to listen the views, opinions and ideas of others. This will help participants to establish better working relationships and become more influential in the work environment.


Who will the course benefit?


Anyone who wishes to be promote good working relationships. Those who want to get the best from people at work. Anyone who wants to advance their career through better communication.


Course Objectives:


To provide skills, methods, and techniques required to work effectively and confidently with colleagues, clients and management. To develop skills to deal with problems at work.


To develop and improve communication skills so that ideas are expressed clearly, concisely and effectively. Develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills.


Course Duration: 1 - 2 days


This course will enable delegates to:


  • Identify how people work and to improve their effectiveness both individually and in a team
  • Develop and improve their assertiveness with others
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Question and listen actively
  • Identify the difference between assertiveness and other types of behaviour
  • Utilise assertiveness techniques to increase interpersonal skills
  • Overcome feelings of apprehension and communicate with colleagues in a more confident manner
  • Choose from a number of approaches to deal with difficult situations and as a result increase self-confidence.
  • Structure your thoughts and decide what is, and isn't, relevant for your target audience
  • Customise your message for different audiences to achieve greater results
  • Present information in the way that best suits your target audience
  • Help the wheels of your organisation turn more efficiently, by removing the barriers to good communication


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