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What is Business Coaching?

A personal one-to-one development service completely tailored to the needs of the individual. Business Coaching is a service to Directors, Managers and members of staff who want to address business and personal issues in order to develop their effectiveness in the organisation. Our Coaches are experienced in working with all levels of staff, across different organisational cultures. After an initial meeting, they draw on this experience in designing a programme and then work with that person for the duration of the programme.


Increased performance for yourself or for a colleague

You might be considering Coaching for yourself, or for an individual who reports to you, or for a colleague. Sport has long recognised that maximum performance is seldom achieved on our own. There are occasions at work when we sense we are performing at our peak. Such moments raise the question "why can't I always perform this well?" The focus of Coaching is on increasing your performance or effectiveness. Often through habit or lack of attention we get caught in ruts, or less than optimal patterns of working. We know we can do excellent work but often the average seems to happen automatically. From both experience and research, we know that lasting change seldom occurs over night or as the result of a day or two's training. Coaching focuses on creating lasting change.
Business coaching can help you set better goals, and reach your goals faster, make better decisions, and improve your relationships. Business coaching is about the future: discovering your potential and achieving it. Coaching is effective, because the Coach operates within the context of the organisation – but committed to the individual – he can perform at a higher level, bringing benefits to the organisation as well as the individual.
Coaching is concerned with people achieving results. It is on-the-job experiential learning, no time away, no reports, just improvement. It will develop you so that you become a role model in your own organisation.
If coaching is combined with training, the learning can be applied and thoroughly integrated back in the workplace. At a coaching session, you will bring an agenda of issues or items you wish to work with and your coach will help you solve problems, establish priorities and make the most of opportunities. Your coach will challenge, offer alternatives and provide support.


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For more information about our business coaching service in Essex or other areas in the UK please view our brochure below:

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