Delegation Skills

This workshop provides the opportunity for the development of those skills necessary to delegate and manage the performance of others. How to confidently get the best out of others. Successful delegation is essential for a manager to do an effective job. This programme focuses on how to make the time investment pay off by delegating the right task to the right person in the right way.


Poor delegation creates a range of problems - under performance, job dissatisfaction, work overload and stress. Delegation makes a significant difference to the motivation of the individual and productivity of the team. Good delegation also frees management time to allow pursuit of priority goals. This aids the career of the manager/team leader and the success of the team. The manager/team leader will not always be available due to holidays, internal meetings and sickness. The resilience of the team to cope with problems and opportunities is increased by the understanding and skill created by effective delegation. The growth of the organisation is often limited by the quality of new managers. Good delegation ensures new managers have a head-start in their roles.


This workshop covers a range of tips, tactics and processes to help apply a delegation process that is useful both for Managers / Team Leaders and also those on the 'receiving end' of a delegated task.


Who will the course benefit?


Anyone who would like to improve their delegation skills at work.


Course Objectives:


To provide delegates with the skills and techniques to delegate effectively.


Course Duration: half a day


This course will enable delegates to:


  • Delegate tasks with confidence
  • Use delegation as a tool for motivation and development
  • Communicate tasks clearly and efficiently
  • Understand what to delegate / how / when and to whom
  • Manage the delegation process for significant projects and balance tasks between the team
  • Perform the act of delegation for minor and significant tasks



Full Course Description:

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