Business Skills

If you develop the business skills of your organisation, it can produce dramatic increases in productivity and effectiveness. Your organisation is only as good as its people.


By adopting these techniques and developing your staff, it will enable greater success and productivity.


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Covid Reset and Hybrid Working

As we come out of covid lockdown, organisations are deciding on how staff are going to work and what the new normal is going to be. Unlike when lockdown first started last year, organisations now have the opportunity to manage this change and how best to implement, their way of operation


Organisations and the teams within them need to decide how they are going to operate in the future. The situation over last year has shown that organisations can operate in a different way. It will have established new strengths, that can now be incorporated into working practices in the future. It will also show where remote working doesn’t work for an organisation, department and or team.

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Customer Care


Customer care can be summarised as an all encompassing plan to treat the customer as an individual with individual needs, perceptions and expectations.  It is the ability of an organisation to manage its customers’ expectations and deliver that little bit more.  The responsibility lies at the feet of the senior management team to develop policies and procedures that ensure, in every way, the business, is customer-oriented, focused and ultimately driven to satisfy and exceed the expectations of its customers.


A customer oriented organisation will have a clearly defined strategy that supports and assists its staff to provide excellent customer service.  The strategy will ensure that it is easy for all customers to do business with its organisation and ultimately make “doing business” a pleasure for all involved.

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Influencing Skills


All people differ and each person is a unique individual.  To be effective we need to value ourselves others.  Most people behave and act in a manner that they believe will help them achieve their goals.  We must recognise that success and achievement thrives in a mutually supportive environment. All of us can grow and the majority of individuals strive for growth.

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Negotiation Techniques


It is surprising how often we get involved in negotiation, whether it is a simple every day task such as who is going to make the tea, through to more complex business and personal situations. Depending on the person it is usually the complex situations that are the more significant. At these times, we are often wary. This is usually because at some point in the past we may feel we have lost or not got the best deal.

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Goal and Objective Setting


At the beginning of the New Year we often set resolutions. These could be about what we want to do, achieve or become. Often by the time we get to this time of year, we may have broken them or slipped in our purpose. We were full of good intentions, but somehow we don’t follow through or we weaken in our resolve. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but if we were to think more carefully about what it is that we want and how we are going to get there, it will make our aim easier to achieve.

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Personal Power


No matter what job we do we all hold personal power. Power is something which we tend to think about in terms of how much other people have.  We are often more aware of other people’s power rather than our own. Depending on what we want at a particular time, will change our awareness of our and the other person’s power. We can all remember the power our parents had over us, if we wanted something, or the pester power that some children bring into play at times.

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Presentation Techniques


Organisation’s need to ensure that their staff have excellent presentation skills and it is a critical skill to possess. When time is short, decisions have to be made, business to be won, ideas to demonstrate, and reviews and progress to be reported, presentations can be the most effective and fastest way to achieve results.

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Problem Solving


The Anatomy of a Problem


We may think that we deal with problems every hour of every day. However, in many cases, these are usually decisions that need to be taken, given a specific set of circumstances. Some apparent problems may be complex but easy to solve. On the other hand, some problems may be characterised by a set of circumstances that go far beyond a complex situation

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Time Management


Good time management demands a large degree of commitment and perseverance, and a readiness to stay with each advance, no matter how small.




The one thing we all have in common is 86,400 seconds in a day.  While some people are able to run businesses, families and even countries, others only marginally avoid a nervous breakdown trying to get to work on time.


Personal time management is about controlling the use of your most valuable (and undervalued) resource. 

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Why should you train?


Training and development can be hard to justify in terms of increased revenue and profitability, but research has shown conclusively the negative long-term impact on organisations that have neglected training and development. There are proven benefits to training your staff and if you are looking to justify training within your organisation

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Working Smarter


What is working smarter? Working smarter is about how you deal with your time both in the work place and the rest of your life. It enables you to have an effective, enjoyable and controlled method of how you manage your time.


Working smarter creates the opportunity to ensure that you make the best use of time and your life. It enables you to control your time and to ensure that the work that you do produces the most effective results.

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