Emotional Intelligence Skills

Emotional intelligence contributes to our success both in our interactions with others at every level, and in achieving individual goals. Managers and employees need emotional intelligence to be effective. Improving your emotional intelligence competencies promises to enrich your life in all dimensions.


Society and business has suffered a fixation on traditional IQ. This does not prepare you for the emotional turmoil’s or opportunities life lies on your path. Goleman and others have studied the qualities and competencies that business demands and rewards the highest. The good news is that unlike academic IQ, your emotional Intelligence can and does grow with age. If you develop the skills and techniques, you will reap the benefits in your personal and professional life.


This course uses Daniel Goleman’s five competencies as a framework for individuals to concentrate on the topic to assess and improve their competencies:


Self-awareness – being aware of your moods and emotions enables you to manage them better


Self-regulation – keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check. People with this competence:


Motivation – identifying personal drives, motives and motivation.


Empathy – putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.


Social Skills – building and maintaining relationships and having insights into other people’s feelings motivation and concerns.


The course uses a mixture of discussion, individual and group activities and caters for a variety of learning styles.


Who will the course benefit?


Anyone who wishes to improve their emotional intelligence


Course Objectives:


To develop the skills and competencies of emotional intelligence


Course Duration: 1 - 2 days



This course will enable delegates to:


  • Motivate yourself and be persistent in the face of setbacks
  • Recognise and regulate your moods
  • Manage stress and impulses
  • Identify emotional strengths and competencies for career development and growth
  • Practice having the right balance between emotion and reason
  • Identify the cause of anger, worry and sadness
  • Change your emotional state to be more resourceful, focused and happy
  • Recognise the cues of how others are feeling and thinking
  • Foster trust and open communication in your relationships
  • Influence, persuade, inspire and guide individuals and groups
  • Develop more effective and supportive organisational working climate and culture



Full Course Description:


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