Managing Staff and Personal Effectiveness

Managing and supervising staff can be a daunting task. Being effective is crucial to personal and group success. A manager has to be able to manage himself and at the same time to be able to understand the behaviour of others. Generally as a manager the majority of our communication and relationships should run smoothly.


Most of our staff will perform effectively and competently, however with some we will experience difficulties. It is important in these situations to understand how we should behave as a manager. This course examines individuals who we find more difficult to communicate with or who may ‘challenge’ us in some way. The course identifies how we can address issues whilst at the same time maintaining good relationships. It also gets the delegates to reflect on their own personal management styles and how they work with others. How we can maintain our effectiveness and remain competent and therefore retain the confidence of those that work for us and senior management. It focuses on how to assert and influence those in the team and to maintain control in a positive way.


To enable this to happen we need a range of tools and techniques that we can use to be effective. The 2 main tools used on the course are SDI and the fundamentals of emotional intelligence. Improving the quality of relationships is where SDI has immediate and long lasting impact. The Strength Deployment Inventory is a learning resource that has been proved to be effective in building strong relationships. It enables everyone to understand the reason why people do things rather than just observe and react to what is done.


SDI identifies for individuals their personal strengths and motivations and how these relate to those of their colleagues – whether things are going well or badly. It demonstrates how to use these strengths effectively to improve working or personal relationships with others. SDI is an inventory, which provides invaluable information on what motivates a person under two conditions; when everything is going well and when you are faced with conflict or opposition. This is vital information because it means we can understand why certain people have more impact on us and how we may be impacting on them! Furthermore, we learn how to recognise the real issues in relationships and how to tailor our language accordingly to communicate in more flexible and effective ways.


Recognising and dealing with inter-personal conflict is a crucial element in all relationships. The SDI provides insights into how to recognise the first signs of conflict in others and shows how to respond appropriately to resolve the dispute before it gets out of hand or unwittingly causes further antagonism.


Emotional intelligence contributes to our success both in our interactions with others at every level, and in achieving individual goals. Individuals need emotional intelligence to be effective.  Emotional intelligence contributes to our success both in our interactions with others at every level, and in achieving individual goals. Managers and employees need emotional intelligence to be effective. Traditional intelligence does not always prepare you for the emotional turmoils or opportunities life lies on your path, especially if you work as a manager. Goleman and others have studied the qualities and competencies that business demands and rewards the highest. If you develop the skills and techniques you will reap the benefits in your personal and professional life.


This course uses Daniel Goleman’s five competencies as a framework for individuals to concentrate on the topic to assess and improve their competencies. This includes awareness of your self and others, knowing how to regulate ourselves but also when to speak to individuals. Ensuring that you have the right empathy and social skills to handle individuals and your team.


This practical course allows delegates to develop and practice skills in people management and understanding behaviour. Throughout the course delegates will practice the skills taught and go away with an Action Plan, identifying how they will implement their important issues.


Who will the course benefit?


Anyone who wishes to be promote good working relationships. Those who want to get the best from people at work.


Managers who wish to improve the way they handle their team and individual team members.


Course Objectives:


To develop the skills and competencies to handle staff and team issues.


To provide skills, methods, and techniques required to work effectively and confidently with colleagues, clients and management.


To develop skills to deal with problems at work.


Course Duration: 2 to 3 days


This course will enable delegates to:


  • Develop more effective and supportive organisational working climate and culture
  • Understand their characteristics and improve their communication
  • Recognise their preferred communication styles and how to work more effectively with others
  • Enhance your credibility
  • Identify and develop approaches for relationships
  • Understand signals given from non verbal communication
  • Identify a strategy for providing feedback
  • How to deal with conflict in ourselves and others
  • Understand types of behaviour and how to address unproductive attitudes.
  • Identify how people work and to improve their effectiveness both individually and in a team
  • Overcome feelings of apprehension and communicate with colleagues in a more confident manner
  • Recognise and regulate your moods
  • Identify emotional strengths and competencies for career development and growth
  • Practice having the right balance between emotion and reason
  • Change your emotional state to be more resourceful, focussed and happy
  • Foster trust and open communication in your relationships


Full Course Description:

Managing Staff and Personal Effectivenes[...]
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