Change Management

Organisations often leave the challenge of change after the implementation of the change. The approach should be to invest in change management activities. Managing change is a critical skill in today’s world of rapid and continuous change. This Change Management training course provides both the critical skills and a framework for the successful management of change.

We have to recognise that change is constant and is generally of benefit. Too much change or change for change sake can be bad. Most individuals need some form of stability and routine to make them feel safe. What is important is how we deal with and cope with change.

To manage change, skills need to be developed that will make a difference to the way things happen. It is important that the manager of the change examines who they are, their communication resources and investigate personal beliefs and values.

This programme covers team members behaviour and actions and how change can create conflict and change actions. It will develop personal understanding and the way other staff members behave. By dealing head on with the challenge of change you will create a personal leadership strategy that will motivate, persuade and inspire those around you.


Who will the course benefit?


Managers who initiate and manage change, and who require guidance on their implementation. Departmental managers who need to implement corporate change initiatives.


Course Objectives:


To provide the skills and techniques to manage change.


Course Duration: 2 day


This course will enable delegates to:


  • Appreciate the issues involved in implementing and managing change
  • Identify the types of change that occur in organisations, recognise barriers to change and create strategies for overcoming resistance to change
  • Understand the main components of planning change
  • Understand a manager’s responsibilities when leading staff through periods of change
  • Use a range of models, tools and techniques to understand, introduce and monitor change interventions
  • Display empathy with their staff while going through change
  • Effectively communicate change to colleagues
  • Design successful change programmes and avoid common pitfalls
  • Create personal action plans to improve their ongoing performance as initiators or managers of workplace change


Full Course Description:

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