Coaching Skills and Conflict Management – Influencing Others Performance

Development of staff is normally achieved through formal training sessions, however it is sometimes better to provide support and direction at the precise moment it is required. Coaching and Mentoring enables increased productivity and improved ability to be achieved in the workplace and provides an opportunity to give feedback and direction. This course will enable you to deliver business benefits through the use of proven coaching and mentoring techniques.


Coaching can play a key role in developing one's career. Managers who have achieved career success need to guide others for the purpose of helping them achieve similar success. The best coach and mentors combine technical competence, experience, the ability to communicate and listen. They should have a key understanding of behaviour and how to work with different personality types. Managers have the responsibility to discuss and advise staff members on aspects of their work and professional long term development.


This course will help you overcome barriers, become more innovative, improve performance, and show you the techniques and skills of being an effect coach.

We recognise the coaching principles in the sports field, and often we will have a coach for our favourite sporting pastime.  How many, however, have a coach at work, to whom we can turn to help us overcome difficulties and solve problems?  Coaching is all about managing performance and improving the member of staff.  As well as performance, it can help someone with morale, increase job satisfaction and create a better working environment.


Generally at work the majority of our communication and relationships should run smoothly. Most of our staff will perform effectively and competently, however with some we will experience difficulties. It is important in these situations to understand how we should behave as a manager.


The course examines the more difficult or complex people and situations and how we can address issues whilst at the same time maintaining good relationships. It gets the delegates to reflect on their own personal styles and how they work with others. It focuses on how to influence and to maintain control in a positive way.


Who will the course benefit?


Any managers who are responsible for the performance of others and who need to coach and mentor their staff.


Anyone who is interested in improving relationships that are difficult.


Course Objectives:


Provide the managers/leaders with the skills to effectively coach and manage their team’s performance and support their personal development.


To provide the delegates with skills to handle difficult situations.


Course Duration: 2 days



This course will enable delegates to:


  • Identify the skills and tasks involved in the coaching and mentoring process
  • Create a coaching plan
  • Identify and practice the interpersonal skills needed
  • Build and manage relationships
  • To be able to appreciate the different Learning styles within their team and adapt their own style accordingly
  • Identify the difference between coaching, mentoring, training and counselling
  • Use their own strengths and experiences to develop others
  • Effectively demonstrate the difference between push and pull questioning technique and where each are appropriate
  • Handle more difficult communications and create win win situations
  • Produce action and development plans  
  • Understand types of behaviour and how to address unproductive attitudes
  • Apply influencing skills in difficult situations
  • Understand why certain people behave in the way they do.
  • Conduct coaching in difficult situations
  • Analyse and reflect accurately on personal attitudes and behaviour


Full Course Description:

Coaching skills and Conflict Management.[...]
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