Team Building - Hints & Tips

If you develop and build your teams it can produce dramatic increases in productivity and effectiveness of your organisation.


Developing high performing teams, increases success, understanding, motivation, productivity and improves communication.


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High Performing Teams using BELBIN®

A team is one of the most important components in any department or organisation. How a team works and performs has a direction contribution to the productivity of the business. The way the team members behave has a direct effect on whether a team meets or exceeds its objectives. A lot of the responsibility for the performance of the team relies on the organisation and the manager, they have to ensure that the right functions and processes are in place. This then creates the question, what can you do to ensure that you are contributing in the right way?

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Effective Teamwork


Effective team working can be assessed by the extent to which the team produces good business results.  A good way to analyse the effectiveness of the team can be carried out using a simple framework. This framework will often indicate where to concentrate effort, when the team is not meeting expectations. The framework consists of 4 factors


  • Mutual Goals
  • Agreed Roles
  • Clear Procedures
  • Sound Interpersonal Relationships
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Team Working


As we come out of remote working and move back to either a hybrid or physical work way of working, it’s a good time to reflect on what makes an effective team. Remote and virtual team working, does not create the same positive team environment. Team members and Managers need to re-establish good team characteristics.


You can use these categories in a team exercise. Get the team to  brainstorm around these categories. What does good look like and as a team identify how the team wants to operate

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Team Effectiveness


Effective teams make work a more positive place and increase motivation and morale. When a team has a sense of belonging, identity and connection, it enables the different individuals to pull together, for the common aim. We can all recognise teams that are ineffective and are not working to the same aims and goals.


You may have worked in an ineffective team at times and can remember how it affected your performance. How demotivating and demoralising it can be. We can all recognise it in politics and sport, when a team becomes ineffective, it lacks direction and fractious. This can often be down to poor leadership or the fact that the team members are so different or have varying agendas, they are never going to work together in an effective manner.


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