Presentation Skills - Advanced

Too many experienced presenters fail to motivate their audiences and the impacts of this are significant - lost business, slow-change cultures, negative press, weak credibility.   Experienced presenters sometimes make up with confidence what they lack in skill.  This course transforms presentations from technically good to stunningly excellent.


Participants focus on a personal excellence model and work specifically towards this.  Throughout the intensive workshop, they embed new influencing techniques to win and keep an audience - learning both by doing and observing. 


The pace of the course is fast and the emphasis is on developing strategies for influencing others, turning challenges into opportunities.


Who will the course benefit?


This course is designed for those participants who already deliver effective presentations and who now need more challenging learning to further improve their personal delivery style. This course is an ideal opportunity to rehearse and improve a major, forthcoming presentation.


Course Objectives:


To provide the skills and techniques of advanced presentation techniques.


Course Duration: 1 day



This course will enable delegates to:


  • Understand the personal impact you make as a presenter and how to develop this to create the best effect
  • Approach presentations with a positive, can-do attitude
  • Use influencing techniques seamlessly within the presentation context
  • Manage challenges, objections and interruptions from a sceptical audience
  • Facilitate skilfully a fully-interactive session to gain maximum buy-in
  • Recognise and adjust delivery styles to suit the needs of the audience
  • Deliver core messages with real impact
  • Recognise their strengths and ongoing development needs
  • Be more confident when presenting information and ideas to others
  • Be able to handle audience indifference and hostility
  • Be more capable of motivating and building a rapport with the members of your audience
  • Be able to read ‘signals’ from the members of your audience and to respond to their expectations


Full Course Description

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