Coaching for Performance

Development of staff is normally achieved through formal training sessions, however it is sometimes better to provide support and direction at the precise moment it is required. Coaching enables increased productivity and improved ability to be achieved in the workplace and provides an opportunity to give feedback and direction. This coaching skills course will enable you to deliver business benefits through the use of proven coaching techniques.


It will focus on the key techniques and processes of coaching. It will help managers establish the way they communicate. It will focus on key feedback skills and techniques. It will help delegates understand themselves and the way they communicate. It will enable delegates to influence others.


To make the most of your most valuable resource, people, and to enable you and your staff to relieve pressure, you must be able to coach.  This course will help you overcome barriers, become more innovative, improve performance, and show you the techniques and skills of being an effect coach.


We recognise the coaching principles in the sports field, and often we will have a coach for our favourite sporting pastime.  How many, however, have a coach at work to whom we can turn to help us overcome difficulties and solve problems?  Coaching is all about managing performance and improving the member of staff.  As well as performance, it can help someone with morale, increase job satisfaction and create a better working environment.


An open trusting relationship is the foundation. The best coaches show genuine personal interest in those they coach and have empathy and understanding. Trust is crucial and without it is harder to coach. Coaches need to show respect and trustworthiness and empathy. In addition, a good coach will be able to manage more difficult situations to deal, the course will give them the principles to overcome these situations.


Course Objectives:


Provide the managers/leaders with the skills to effectively coach and manage their team’s performance and support their personal development.


To provide the skills and techniques to coach others.


Course Duration: 2 to 3 days



This course will enable delegates to:


  • Identify the skills and tasks involved in the coaching process
  • Create a coaching plan
  • Identify and practice the interpersonal skills needed in coaching
  • Establish the principles of planning and setting objectives
  • Identify a strategy for providing feedback
  • Identify the requirements of good communication
  • Promote self-management
  • Develop KPI’s that are robust and relative to individual performance.
  • Understand the principles of performance management
  • Manage relationships
  • To be able to appreciate the different Learning styles within their team and adapt their own style accordingly
  • Identify the difference between coaching, mentoring, training and counselling
  • Effectively demonstrate the difference between push and pull questioning technique and where each are appropriate
  • Observe and give feedback on performance
  • Use influence to improve performance and gain acceptance
  • Handle more difficult communications and create win win situations
  • Effectively link coaching to other performance management tools


Full Course Description:

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