Leadership Skills

This is a workshop-structured course that provides the opportunity for the development of those skills necessary to lead teams in organisations. Managing and leading staff can be a daunting task. Being effective is crucial too personal and group success. A leader has to be able to manage his own time and those working for him, and at the same time to be able to understand the behaviour of others.


The role of Leader is critical to the motivation and performance of the team. This programme is about the Leader leading a team to success through the application of sound managerial practice. Transferring skills to the "team" and continually building, motivating and leading a group of people to success is a demanding role. It requires a high degree of interpersonal skills and a keen understanding of human nature. The Leader has to lead and support the team upon whom the organisation is dependent for its profit, its success, its growth, its future and its survival in today's competitive world.


This intensive workshop will give Leaders an opportunity to develop their knowledge and the skills required to motivate and manage their team. It provides an understanding of the key aspects of Management and Leadership, motivation, team development and leadership styles, giving feedback, how to deal with pressure, confrontation and conflict. It allows each participant to experience and evaluate their own style and the impact this has on other people.
Delegates practice leadership in a variety of activities and situations, gaining from the review and feedback sessions. They will create a development plan which highlights their future intentions, steps and actions. Delegates have an opportunity to analyse 'real situations' relating to their own current work environment during the course. The workshop will be divided into 4, 1 day modules, to provide the opportunity to implement the techniques, to review successes and failures at the next stage, before developing their skills further. They emerge from the course with a personal development plan which highlights their future intentions, steps and actions.


Who will the course benefit?


All those from either business, commerce or industry who require practical experience in leading and working with teams. The course is structured so that their role is clarified, their confidence is increased and they gain a perspective of how they operate.


Course Objectives:


To enable delegates to develop their personal skills in leading teams and to

provide an opportunity to practice, gain experience and receive feedback.


Course Duration: 4 days


This course will enable delegates to:


  • Understand leadership and use a functional model when leading.
  • Identify a strategy for providing feedback.
  • Establish the principles of planning and setting objectives.
  • Identify the requirements of good communication.
  • Establish the principles and practice of delegation
  • How motivation effects the working environment.
  • Use time more effectively.
  • Develop and increase their problem solving and decision making skills.
  • How to understand the roles and individuals within a team.
  • Identify their personal thinking styles.
  • Handle a task in a crisis and under pressure


Full Course Description:


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