Difficult People

Managing and supervising staff can be a daunting task. Being effective is crucial to personal and group success. A manager has to be able to manage himself and at the same time to be able to understand the behaviour of others. Generally, as a manager the majority of our communication and relationships should run smoothly, however there are times when we are placed in difficult situations or have to handle difficult people.


Most of our staff will perform effectively and competently, however with some we will experience difficulties. It is important in these situations to understand how we should behave as a manager. This course examines the more difficult or complex people and situations and how we can address issues whilst at the same time maintaining good relationships. It gets the delegates to reflect on their own personal management styles and how they work with others. It focuses on how to assert and influence those in the team and to maintain control in a positive way.


To enable this to happen we need a range of tools and techniques that we can use to be effective. The course provides these tools. It also explores how discipline should be handled. It gives an overview and understanding of legalisation and how to use it in the disciplinary process.


This practical course allows delegates to develop and practice skills in people management and understanding behaviour. Throughout the course delegates will practice the skills taught and go away with an Action Plan, identifying how they will implement their important issues.


Who will the course benefit?


Managers and Supervisors who are interested in improving relationships that are difficult or want to learn how to manage difficult people.


Team Leaders and Managers, who wish to review how they deal with conflict and work place disagreements.


Course Objectives:


To provide the skills and techniques to handle difficult people.


Course Duration: 2 days


This course will enable delegates to:


  • Understand types of behaviour and how to address unproductive attitudes.
  • Apply influencing skills in difficult situations
  • Understand why certain people behave in the way they do.
  • Define the major influences which affect human behaviour
  • Understand the nature of conflict in organisational life - its causes, benefits and disadvantages
  • Utilise a range of conflict-handling approaches which equip them with attitudes and skills to manage conflict appropriately
  • Identify background issues to any disciplinary and grievance process


Full Course Description:

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