Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership is a crucial to an organisations success. The role of Leader is critical to the motivation and performance of the team.


These hints and tips cover a range of topics on Leadership and Management techniques. if you adopt these technqiues it will enable any Manager to lead and support the team upon whom the organisation is dependent for its profit, its success, its growth, its future and its survival in today's competitive world.


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Feedback Skills


No matter who we are or what job we do, there are always going to be times when we need to give feedback. This could be to a colleague, your manager, a customer or a supplier. To make sure the feedback is received in the right way, we need to make sure we give it effectively.


Feedback is a way of helping another person to consider changing his/her behaviour or actions.  It is communication to a person (or a group), which gives that person information about how he/she affects others.  Feedback helps an individual keep their behaviour “on target” in order to achieve goals. That means if the behaviour does not affect goals or targets, we have to question why we are giving the feedback. We need to ensure that we have an objective reason for giving the feedback, how is it going to help you and the other person concerned, without the reason, feedback will not be received in the right way.

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Before being able to function as a leader it is necessary to be very clear about two important factors:


  • Clear and complete understanding of the group’s objectives.


  • Clear and complete understanding of the overall organisation structure as it affects the group.
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Management and Leadership


A major factor in any organisation is that of maintaining, or preferably, improving productivity.  Without good managers and leaders, who are directly responsible for productivity of their team, it will never be achieved within the organisation.


There are two main reasons why people work productively:


  • They are forced to.


  • They derive pleasure and satisfaction from achievement, the work environment and their personal motivation.


The first will work tolerably in the very short term but requires constant monitoring and control.


The second will work indefinitely and be far more productive and is the result of good leadership and management.

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There are 2 important areas at the core of motivation and they are drive and motives.


A person’s “drive” is… innate, this is the nature element of an individual, it is the biological element that creates their behaviour. We all have different personalities and therefore drive will vary from one person to another. This could be considered the instinctive nature of individuals.


A person’s “motives” are… the learned influences on their behaviour that lead them to pursue particular goals because they are socially valued. Often an individual’s motives are the same as their parents. Who we mix and socialise with will affect our motives. Our motives can be influenced by others, especially if we are trying to fit in or conform. Often someone else’s motives can be baffling especially if they go against our own personal values and beliefs.

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The difference between a “good interviewer” and a poor one is enormous, and unfortunately most of us tend towards the latter for a number of all too common reasons. 

So, in looking to improve our performance as interviewers, it is important to use any tools that are available to us. This is where profiling can be a useful tool during the interviewing process. It can help in:

  • Identifying how our own values affect the interview process and our approach to conducting interviews
  • Identifying where there may be a gap in our team
  • Identifying the type of person, we ideally require for a job
  • Identify a person’s characteristics and strengths and weaknesses during the interview process
  • Identify the possible risks of a potential candidate
  • Create a match to the person we require
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