Team Working using TotalSDI, Strength Deployment Inventory

The way we relate to each other, dictates the degree of success an individual can achieve, this applies to all aspects of the business environment. This workshop will enable the team to understand each other and how to communicate and interact with their colleagues. Improving the quality of these relationships is where SDI has immediate and long lasting impact. It can help us interpret the mood and the behaviour of individuals and the most productive way of communicating with them.


The workshop will also provide the opportunity for the team to get to know and understand each other and move beyond their current situation. The team will participate in group exercises and tasks, so they can put into practice the techniques and also explore behaviour and communication in a practical manner. This will enable them to recognise how they might improve their communication. Using the techniques covered on the course, they will be able to interpret the values of others and therefore how to understand the behaviour, character and mood. It will also enable them to interpret other people and how to adapt and mask their style to get the right results.


The Strength Deployment Inventory is a learning resource that has been proved to be effective in building strong relationships worldwide for more than 25 years. It enables everyone to understand the reason why people do things rather than just observe and react to what is done.


SDI identifies for individuals their personal strengths and motivations and how these relate to those of their colleagues – whether things are going well or badly. It demonstrates how to use these strengths effectively to improve working or personal relationships with others. SDI is an inventory, which provides invaluable information on what motivates a person under two conditions; when everything is going well and when you are faced with conflict or opposition.


This is vital information because it means we can understand why certain people have the impact on us they do and how we may be impacting on them! Furthermore, we learn how to recognise the real issues in relationships and how to tailor our language accordingly to communicate in more flexible and effective ways.



Recognising and dealing with inter-personal conflict is a crucial element in all relationships but especially within teams. The SDI provides insights into how to recognise the first signs of conflict in others and shows how to respond appropriately to resolve the dispute before it gets out of hand or unwittingly causes further antagonism. Participants learn to recognise the different strengths others can bring to the job as well as how they can help each other. They learn to appreciate key issues of concern that people with other styles bring to task assignments.


This course will enable delegates to:


  • Understand their characteristics
  • Improve their communication
  • Identify how to work with others
  • Identify a strategy for providing feedback and communication
  • Personal motivation and morale
  • How to deal with conflict in ourselves and others


Full Course Description:

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